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You always go the extra mile for us!

I won’t ramble on too very long but not many folks take the time to brag – but when we all make a mistake, it’s noticed immediately. There are many instances where B&L has went beyond the call of duty but I will just the past few days (which is like most days):

1. You were VERY flexible (and patient) to sit on loads an extra day, when the Receivers did not have appt availability

2.YESTERDAY was insane! I could feel my hair falling out! * These were the last minute miracles : You were able to cover Bryce/Searcy,AR & then Late yesterday evening, there was also an additional Green Bay, WI added. On top of that, you were able to deliver Neenah, WI in the middle of the night (last night). We have several customers this morning, extending their thanks to ISO for being able to make these things happen. So, I want to pass it along to B&L. - Pam W. Adams